Hiyama Studios Profile

Artist hands

Carole Grisham is an unconventional artist and the creative force behind Hiyama Studios. Named in honor of her mother, Alyce Hiyama, a talented tailor and costume designer, Hiyama Studios is the design and work space where Carole creates one-of-a-kind wearable art and home accessories. Her work is traditionally hand crafted, yet elegant and contemporary in style.

Carole’s love for textiles and color and her skill in using unlikely materials in new ways, comes from watching and working with her mother. She has returned to this first love after successful executive careers with leading Pacific Northwest companies and non-profit organizations.


Every item from Hiyama Studios embraces the art of the hand fabricated luxury item. Materials are carefully selected to enhance design details and unusual embellishments make each work a visually appealing statement.  At Hiyama Studios, the commitment to perfection is key. In a world of mass production, detailed, beautiful and unique goods will survive fleeting fashions.


Hiyama Studios contributes the proceeds from the sale of its wearable art and home accessories to existing organizations that support education and the most vulnerable members of the community – children and seniors.  In addition, the Studios offer goods to auctions and benefits of many of these same organizations.

Hiyama Studios is proud to have been a founding member of the Oba Project, a program developed to provide charitable gifts to community organizations.